I offer sessions that are my own unique blend of Feldenkrais, QiGong, breathwork, meditation, and various other modalities. Everything I do is tailored to the individual and based on each person’s situation and current stress levels. Our life’s experiences impact all of us in unique ways and I respect that. We will design our work together specifically for you, to help you find your way to inner peace as quickly as possible

Worry, stress, trauma, and the anxiety they produce can keep us stuck in our heads, with swirling thoughts endlessly churning about. When you begin work with me, we will design the first sessions to help you calm your mind and become more in touch with your body.

When a session begins I may ask you some questions, but I will also be sensing where you are holding stress, how you are breathing, and so forth, and we’ll work from there. During the pandemic, I’ve been working a lot on the phone, and I have found that by asking certain specific questions I get a sense of what you need even if we aren’t together in the same room. This is a new way of conducting sessions for all of us, which I have found very effective, and which I enjoy immensely.

My gentle way of working has come about during the many years I have spent coping with serious mental illness, addiction, and alcoholism in members of my own immediate family.

The first sessions will allow you to experience the effectiveness of my work and offer you the reassuring comfort of having a guide to assist you on your healing path. When you are ready, we can explore in greater depth. You will learn that you have a great deal of personal healing power, all found through gentle physical movements, visualization, various forms of meditation, and breathwork.

When our relatives have problems, we have no control over their actions, but we can control what we do within ourselves, with our behavior, with our bodies, and with our own minds, most essentially with where we focus our attention. You can harness your thoughts and even reduce or redirect them to dramatically change your experiences.

I look forward to helping you recognize that our struggles with mentally ill relatives are actually priceless learning experiences in disguise, and though dealing with their issues is not easy or pleasant, we are far richer for their presence in our lives, as our mentally ill family members can be our greatest teachers.

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