You’ve been taking care of your ill relative for a long time.

Now it’s time time to take care of you.

Hello, I’m Nan Walker – Author and Stress-Reduction Coach. I provide holistic services for family members of people with serious mental illness, alcoholism or addiction problems.

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Ms. Walker writes warmly and compassionately about the long journey of mental illness she and her family have endured for decades. She also discusses various related issues and offers tangible suggestions for self-care – all easily accomplished by anyone. Families like hers often find themselves in a constant vortex of unforeseen circumstances, and her practical suggestions encourage others so they might begin to thrive despite the chaos.

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I understand what you are going through. I know. I’ve been there.

I know dealing with a mentally ill, alcoholic, or addicted relative is very difficult, even overwhelming.

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Those of us who are sensitive and caring people suffer enormously when our family members are mentally ill, addicted, or alcoholic.

If you have a family member with one of these conditions, you know first hand that the situation takes an immense toll, physically and emotionally. As I have had three such individuals in my immediate family, I understand this journey from the inside out.

How I Can Help

Reawaken and Re-establish Your Physical and Neurological wellbeing.

I have had the privilege to watch my clients transform their lives, as our work together begins to unwind the grip repeated stressors and traumas have had on their bodies and nervous systems.

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